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Make outdoor Cooking a Pleasure!

Maak buitelug Kook ‘n Genot!

The Scampi Braai is modular; therefore any component may be individually
replaced if required (which is seldom necessary).

The functionality of the braai will never be lost. The designer of Scampi Braai
has been using his braai in excess of 18 years.

The braai and all components are manufactured from aluminium
and are therefore completely RUST and CORROSION free.

The components that are colour coded are anodised – the colour will therefore
last longer than on conventional braai’s. The Scampi Braai is available in a
variety of colours and can be mixed and matched to your own preferences.

A Carry Bag is available for portability.

The Scampi Braai is very economical; briquette consumption is 2.5 Kg briquettes
that burn for 3 to 4 hours braai time.

The following components are available for a variety of cooking facilities:

1) Dome (kettle braai effect): Braai a whole Chicken, Leg-of-Lamb, breakfast in the braai pan, etc. under the dome or use the dome to keep food warm and         to keep insects away from the food

2)  Braai Pan (440mm) – The frying pan has a non-stick surface and is ideal for making breakfast, scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, etc.
     The Volcano Braai Pan weighs 3,8Kg.

3)  No. 2 Potjie (round pot) - A pot ring is available where the pot is placed on to prepare a ‘potjie’ meal (stew).

4)  Griller Plate - To grill steaks or chops. The griller plate has a ribbed side and a smooth surface. The smooth surface is ideal for baking flap jacks.

5)  Bread Baker - The Bread Baker is available in either a round bread pot (with a specially designed lid to hold coals on the lid) or a rectangular shape as in a   
     traditional bread pan.

6)  Carry Bag – the Carry Bag stows the entire Scampi Braai component, the dome and frying pan with ease. There is a separate pocket where the legs
     are stored in.    The Carry Bag makes transporting of the Scampi Braai ideal for camping / caravanning activities – or just the day out. The complete   
     combination of the Scampi Braai. The dome and braai pan weigh 7 Kg.

Together with the braai, the dome and braai pan are considered to be the most practical combination to prepare food.

The instruction sheet is complimented by the addition of a Recipe Book upon purchasing of the Scampi Braai – complete with hints and packing instructions.

Any of the components may be purchased individually and in any combination.